Turn Any Building into a
Smart Building

B-Line is an AI-powered smart building platform that enables building owners and operators automate the experience and operations of an entire portfolio of buildings under a single pane of glass.  

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Powerful Space, Building, and Portfolio Analytics

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B-Line enhances your space, building, and portfolio management capabilities with scalable, adaptable, and cost-effective data and insights.

Make informed decisions that optimize space utilization, boost operational efficiency, and reduce costs, ensuring your environments adapt seamlessly to changing needs.

Secure Mobile Access on Your Current System

B-Line integrates digital access with your current systems, revolutionizing space entry with no overhaul needed, powered by the efficiency of digital credentials.

Economically embrace digital access for streamlined entry, enhanced security, and tangible operational savings, enriching your environment's efficiency and flexibility.

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Seamless Desk, Room, Amenity Booking and Management

B-Line enhances occupant experiences by providing advanced solutions for desk, room, and amenity bookings, tailored to meet the unique needs of different building types.

Foster streamlined interactions and combine convenience with efficiency, making every environment more accessible and user-friendly.

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Smart AI-Powered HVAC Management With Your Existing Equipment

B-Line uses its powerful AI to seamlessly integrate with your HVAC and lighting equipment to proactively enhance comfort, reduce energy usage, and promote sustainability, without expensive upgrades.

Elevate occupant comfort and cut energy costs while supporting environmental goals and streamlining operations without the burden of major infrastructure investments.

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One Platform For Your Entire Portfolio

Transform stand-alone buildings into a seamlessly interconnected network of assets, managed from a single dashboard. B-Line enables centralized management, offering the capability to distribute access credentials that function across all systems and building types within diverse property portfolios. This approach ensures smooth transitions and consistently high management quality, enhancing control and oversight at every level, regardless of property size.

Digitalize Your Existing Security System

Seamlessly upgrade your buildings to digital access without ripping or replacing existing infrastructure.

From the spaces being used to the people who are using them, understand the unique trends and patterns that will help your organization adapt to change - maximizing the efficiency and growth of your operations.


Every product, process, and feature is designed with a privacy-first, privacy-by-design approach to data protection in adherence with international privacy and security standards; GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, ISO27001.

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