Optimize any space, building, or portfolio with the
power of AI.

Manage resources, access, bookings, and energy for any space, building, or portfolio with real-time insights and AI-driven analytics to enhance experiences and reduce costs.

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Trusted by leading global companies and organizations and expanding.
Spatial Analytics

Transformative analytics for spaces, buildings, and real estate portfolios.

Experience seamless integration of historical and real-time data. Monitor occupancy, temperature, humidity, and more—all on one intuitive dashboard.

But that's just the start. Unlock predictive intelligence with AI, anticipating future trends and usage patterns. This is smart, made smarter with B-Line.

Digital Mobile Access

Seamless mobile access with your current system.

Effortless access management, simplified. Our advanced technology integrates seamlessly with your infrastructure, consolidating all your access needs into one elegant app and dashboard.

Say goodbye to credential chaos and embrace seamless access management.

Room & Amenity Booking

Advanced booking and management for desks, rooms, and amenities.

Book and manage anything with smart insights and integrated AI. B-Line revolutionizes bookings and resource management for residential, commercial, and shared environments. Our advanced sensors and full building system integration deliver real-time insights, optimizing utilization, reducing costs, and enhancing occupant experience.

Welcome to a new era of resource management, where convenience meets adaptability.

Energy & Resource Management

AI-powered resource and energy optimization for maximum efficiency.

Enter the forefront of energy efficiency. Redefine HVAC and system management, optimizing energy usage without costly upgrades. Our seamless integration enhances your existing infrastructure effortlessly.

A future where energy management sets new standards is now a only a few clicks away.

App & Admin Dashboard

All in one intuitive dashboard.

Manage buildings, spaces, amenities, and bookings in one dashboard. Empower your team to book amenities, understand space usage, optimize properties, and integrate seamlessly with existing systems.

Built from the ground up with privacy-by-design.

Every B-Line product, process, and feature is designed with a privacy-first, privacy-by-design approach to data protection in adherence with international privacy and security standards; GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, ISO27001.

And stellar reviews from happy customers.

Administrators and end users rave about B-Line for its seamless functionality, intuitive design, and ability to streamline space management.

"With just Bluetooth and B-Line app on my phone, I can breeze through the building entrance. The interface is incredibly easy to navigate, and booking meeting rooms is quick and straightforward."

Manny Bains

Senior Consultant, Avanade

"The platform is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate, making accessing the office, booking rooms, and communicating with building management so much easier."

Lana Carmichael

CEO, Green Energy GPO

"B-Line was in place when we moved into our first East Coast Office. Love it! It's very easy to use, user-friendly, and extremely convenient."

Matt Steinberg

Director, Avanade

"I love being able to get into the building using my phone! It's way better than trying to remember where I put my key card."

Corey Kirkhus

Director, Datifex

"Great team to work with and put out a great product."

Brandon Yould

Consultant, Wilsons Security

"It’s outrageous to me that for some places I still need a fob or pass card; it’s 2024 and this feels like the solution we need right now. I recommend this to companies and landlords to make it easier to control access."

Michael Seetner

Vice President, JLL

"B-Line is a great company to work with! After a few successful deployments of their systems, we are very pleased with the outcome of each project."

Kyle Van Wort

Vice President, Limerock

"Truly an industry innovator in building access... I very much admire B-Line's vision and drive for excellence."

Louise O'Haran

Owner, Kitchen Design Plus

Every space can become an optimized and meaningful place.

Our commitment to innovation is driven by a core mission to make modern living more accessible and efficient, ensuring that every space, whether old or new, leverages the latest advancements to improve life for everyone.

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