We're on a mission to make every building a smart building.

At B-Line, we leverage AI to elevate smart building management by enhancing the existing infrastructure within all types of buildings, not just those already equipped with high-tech systems. Our focus is on making every building a smart building without the need to replace current systems and equipment.
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We're innovators dedicated to transforming traditional spaces into smart environments.

Our expertise in AI-driven technology allows us to seamlessly integrate smart solutions into existing infrastructures, enhancing functionality without the need for major renovations. This dedication is rooted in our fundamental principles, which guide our every action and decision. These are the core values that drive our mission and shape our approach:


We foster teamwork within our company and with our clients to ensure our solutions meet the diverse needs of every property.


We're pioneering advanced solutions to make every building smart and sustainable without the need for disruptive overhaul.
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We believe transparency and honesty in all interactions is key, ensuring that our practices reflect our commitment to security and privacy.


We're comitted to environmentally responsible practices that reduce operational costs and promote sustainability in building management.
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We believe every space can be an efficient and meaningful place.

Unifying technologies into a single ecosystem fundamentally deepens our connection to the spaces we inhabit, enhancing our daily interactions and the benefits we draw from our environments. Our commitment to innovation is driven by a core mission to make modern living more accessible and efficient, ensuring that every space, whether old or new, leverages the latest advancements to improve life for everyone.

And every building can be a beacon of intelligence.

AI-driven technology transforms traditional buildings into intelligent environments. Our platform integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure, allowing us to upgrade building functions without any disruptive overhaul. This approach not only conserves resources but also extends the capabilities of previously installed systems.
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Our teams are deployed across major cities.

Our journey spans the historic port city of Halifax, the bustling tech scene of Toronto, and the fast-paced environment of New York. Each location is pivotal, supporting our goals and growth. Discover the unique role each city plays in our global story.


In Halifax, B-Line's HQ is nestled among the city's historic ports and vibrant culture. This is where strategic vision blends seamlessly with local charm.


Toronto, the tech heartbeat of B-Line, pulses with innovation and connectivity. Here, cutting-edge solutions are born from a dynamic urban backdrop.

New York

New York's relentless pace fuels B-Line's US and global operations, making it a hub of activity where strategy and hustle meet to drive success.

We want you to be part of our story.

Reach out and see how you can be a part of what's important to us. Together, we'll unlock innovative solutions for smarter, more connected spaces.
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