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... including what specific functionalities are you looking to integrate. How do you see this integration enhancing operational processes? Your insights are invaluable, as they enable us at B-Line to carefully consider how best to adapt our platform to meet the needs of our customers more effectively.

What To Expect

A quick and thorough review of your submission, handled by a member of or engineering team in North America.

An update on the status of the integration request including any potential next steps.

One one one support to get you up and running on the B-Line platform.  

Join the fastest-growing AI powered building management platform trusted by industry leaders around the world.

One Platform For Your Entire Portfolio

Transform stand-alone buildings into a seamlessly interconnected network of assets, managed from a single dashboard. B-Line enables centralized management, offering the capability to distribute access credentials that function across all systems and building types within diverse property portfolios. This approach ensures smooth transitions and consistently high management quality, enhancing control and oversight at every level, regardless of property size.

Digitalize Your Existing Security System

Seamlessly upgrade your buildings to digital access without ripping or replacing existing infrastructure.

From the spaces being used to the people who are using them, understand the unique trends and patterns that will help your organization adapt to change - maximizing the efficiency and growth of your operations.


Every product, process, and feature is designed with a privacy-first, privacy-by-design approach to data protection in adherence with international privacy and security standards; GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, ISO27001.

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